~Fire Pt.I

"Où fait-il bon même au cœur de l’orage,
Où fait-il clair même au cœur de la nuit,
L’air est alcool et le souffle courage,
Flambeaux allumés l’espoir encore y luit,
Et les flammes montent des murs détruits."

~Fire Pt.II

"Rien n’a l’éclat de Paris dans la poudre,
Rien n’est si pur que son front d’insurgé,
Rien n’est ni fort ni le feu ni la foudre,
Que mon Paris défiant les dangers,
Rien n’est si beau que ce Paris que j’ai"

Breath of Fire

"If you have the power to destroy the world...then you have to take responsibility for the world...don't you?"
- Illusion of Ryu

Photography - Journal

Working for years with Canon 5D + 85mm 1.2
and Nikon D750 + 24-70mm 2.8

Trader - Journal

I learned Technical Analysis (TA) from Kazonomics in the Nebula Network.
TA is about understanding the motivations of participants so you can anticipate their next moves based on historical cyclical precedents and taking advantage of that knowledge.

Here, you will find an introduction and break down of several subjects that I studied with Kaz and in the great book "Technical Analysis : Using Multiple Timeframes" by Brian Shannon. The most useful knowledge of my life. This journal is a kind of way for me to refine my low knowledge, not a #imadethis, as we sadly saw around the CT-Joke who killed people. A quick overview of points taught by the King Maker (Check the ROI of our ecosystem #wintersoldiers #shadowarmy #nomicsfamily).
Sometimes I will redirect you directly on Kazonomics's blog to dig more deeper a specific subject, and obviously I suggest to you to do your own homework.


Rule of the Atom

This is the first rule I learned from Kaz. And when I say "I learned", I didn't mean by the words... But by the acts and the facts. Kaz is the best definition and illustration of this rule. Not just as the best surgical trader of our time... but also as a formidable teacher, a concerned father, an involved community creator, and and finally a strong example of human being. #ruleoftheatom

What's a market? What's a chart?

The participants are the only true market constant, and it is human actions that drive prices.

Market is simply an expression of supply and demand for an asset with a price as final arbiter. Price charts will show you what actually people doing with their money rather than what they may be saying. It will separate for you "truth" from "opinion". The market speaks the language of supply and demand, and you need to listen. Because, the market doesn't give a f*ck about your/my opinions. #goodproject #bias #footprint

The market is not as random as some people would have you believe. Have you ever randomly purchased something or a stock at your wake up? Nop. (If yes, wtf are you doing? Stop to read this. And go to see a therapist). You always have a reason, whatever that reason is : fundamental analysis, technical analysis, tips of a friend, wife's dream, leaf of tea message. Everyone has a reason. And emotional responses of the participants, is WHY, a market is not so random movements. The market doesn't always move in a logical way because emotions plays such a large role, and emotions are not random. While it's impossible to accurately measure the emotional condition of all market participants, charts provide a great insight into the psychological make up of the markets.

Which indicators?

Keep it simple. Focus on the source of information : Price.

Do I need indicators? Indicators are derivated from time and price. So, that makes them less important than the source of information : Price. An understanding of the psychological motivations of the collective participants.

Universe is a Fractal

Fractals are defined as "rough geometric shapes which can be subdivided into parts, each of which is approximately a reduced-sized copy of the whole."

I read something like : “You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while”. And at first, I was like "Uh?Wait?What?"... And after some research, Mathematics is everywhere. It is in the objects we create, in the works of art we admire. Although we may not notice it, mathematics is also present in the nature... And I must admit : It's beautiful. The Truth of BTC Ep#1 : Fractals

Emotions and Cyclical Analysis

History repeats itself. The only true constant in the markets is the participants. Humans tend to act, react and overreact in similar ways to certain situations which are repeated over and over again. -- Brian Shannon

Yep, emotions and human behaviour are fractal too. And what's the price on a chart? An interpretation and belief of investors about the value of a stock.
Here we are... If Human = Emotions = Cycle and and Human = Price = Market... Price == Market Cycle. And not just a random Yo-Yo chart.
Any interest in the charts just below? Go to check The Fractal truth of Markets. You will love it.

Emotion and Logic

Logic and emotion do not occupy the same space at the same time -- Kazonomics

Decision-making based on emotional intuition, without the aid of reason to keep it in line, pretty much always sucks. You know who bases their entire lives on their emotions? 3yo kids. And dogs. You know what else 3yo kids and dogs do? Shit on the carpet. 💩
More : The truth of BTC Ep#3 : The Invisible hand of Belarus

Stages and Trends

Don't bet against the trend.

Shannon's book explains that all stocks go through their periods during which the public embraces them to times when the participants want absolutely nothing to do with them. Similair to the economic cycle, which consist of: expansion, peak, decline and recevory, you will find in stocks several phases :

  • 1) Accumulation
  • 2) Markup
  • 3) Distribution
  • 4) Decline
  • Stocks alternate betweens periods of trending. An uptrend is defined by a series of higher highs and higher lows while a downtrend is defined by a series of lower highs and lowers lows. How to properly draw trendlines


    Work in progress These 4 stages are present on all timeframes and in all stocks.


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